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Who can work as auditor at corporates?


Who can work as auditor at corporates?

1-Who can work as auditor at corporates?
Auditor can be people or stock corporations composed of the people, authorized by public oversight, accounting and auditing standards authority and obtaining license according to the law of certıfıed publıc accountancy and sworn ın certıfıed publıc accountancy numbered 3568 and dated 01.06.1989.
When one of the below mentioned situations exist,  the ones working with  sworn financial advisor, professional accountant  or with the ones related to those, cannot work as audit in relevant companies.
Situations are as follows:
1.1- If auditor has a share in the company to audit,
1.2- If he is the worker or the director of the company to audit or had this title 3 years before his appointment as an audit,
1.3- If a legal entity appointed as auditor is the representative or the legal representative of the company whom he will audit or is a member of the board of management or has more than %20 shares of the company or is third degree kin to them.
1.4- If he has relations with the company to audit or has share more than %20 of the shares of the company to audit or work with the one of the shareholders of the company to audit,
1.5- If he helped to the company to audit on book keeping or regulating financial tables,
1.6- If he helped to the company in other way except for  book keeping or regulating financial tables,
1.7- If he works with an auditor  whose title taken away because of the reasons shown in 1.1 and 1.6,
1.8- If  more than %30 of his income comes from making money  out of auditing for the last five years, he cannot be an auditor.

2-What is the year condition for auditing?
If an auditor is chosen for 10 years to audit the same company he can’t audit it again unless 3 years pass. Accounting and auditing standards authority has the right to audit this situation.

It is forbidden to provide service with the companies by the auditors except for  tax or tax audit services.

Source:Turkish Trade Law
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