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Can there be deductions from the worker’s wage for the losses?



About cutting back on the worker’s wage due to loss.


There are construction contract works we do as a subcontractor.
We employ a lot of workers in sites.
There are a lot of entrances to and exits from the site.
There are workers we employ in these sites according to score method.
We make a lot of expenses when emloying these workers, such as medical examination, uniform etc.
These people don’t come to work 1-2 days after the start date of employment.
The expenses we make for these people return to us as losses.
We want to cut back on that person’s wage for the expenses we make.
How should we proceed in order to not have any difficulties in terms of both the personnel and SSI (Social Security Institution)

(13.11.2018 15:19)

There can be deductions from the equipment, uniforms etc. that are given to the worker only for the losses.


Source: Ismmmo
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