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What is considered as loss when determining the gross income from immoveable property?


Any decrease occurring in the capital itself which is subject to income from immovable property is not considered as loss and is not accepted as expense when determining the gross income amount.

Losses arising from the expenditure surplus in the calculation of the net amount of income from immovable property can be deducted from income to be declared in the following years not for more than 5 years.

There are two exceptions to this rule:

  • In the event of any loss resulting from deducting the amount of the rent of the house or lodging paid by the lessor from the rental income of their house, such loss cannot be subject to deduction from the income from immovable property to be obtained in the following years.

Non-deductible part of the amount corresponding to 5% of the acquisition value which has been subject to deduction of income from the immovable rented as house is not considered as an expenditure surplus.

Accordingly, it is not possible to consider an expenditure surplus as loss in these situation.




Source: İSMMMO
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