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Week-end Wage?


1- What is Week-end?
An employee has a right to have non-stop at least 24 hours weekend within 7 working days on condition that he/she should complete 45 hours which is weekly working hours within the scope of the Labor Law.

2- How Should Week-end Wage be paid?
An employer should pay full wage for week-end without corresponding any work.

3- Which Conditions are regarded as Working Hours?
Condition that are regarded as working hours;
Even though the employee is not working;
– the periods that are regarded as working hours according to law,
Holidays generating from law or agreement, paid or not,
 Compassionate leave.
– In case of marriage or adopting a child (3 days),
– In case of the death of employee’s natural parents, wife/husband, spouse, child (3 days),
– In case of childbearing of the employee’s wife (5 days),
– In case of treatment of employee’s disabled (at least 70%) child,
– In case of treatment of employee’s child who has chronic illness, (an employee has a right to have up to 10 days paid leave collectively or partly in a year on condition that that leave should be used one of working natural parents and based on medical report.)
– Other leaves that are given by the employer on condition that those leaves should be within a week,
– Sick leaves and rest leaves
should be regarded as working days.

** If a working day or more than a working day within a week is/are suspended by the employer without compulsory or economic reasons, those leaves should be regarded as working day.

** Week-end wage should be paid to the employee by the employer in workplaces where percentage is applied.

Source: The Labor Law numbered 4857 (Article 46)

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