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10 Strongest Women in Turkey!


Turkey’s 10 strongest women in 2016 have been made public!!!
The list has been done by taking into consideration 4 criteria.
-The largeness of the company and its importance in the global economy
-The performance of the institution and its course
-how the director gets ahead in career path
-his/her impact on social and cultural progress
Turkey’s 10 strongest women in 2016 is listed according to the reports and analyses of platforms like Turkish Industry and Business Association, Young Businessman Association, Women Entrepreneurs Association, Chamber of Industry and Trade, Fortune 500, HR and Career Sites, Research Companies, Nielsan Media, Deloitte:

1- Güler Sabancı – Sabancı Holding CEO
2- Gülsüm Azeri – OMV Turkey CEO
3- Cansen Başaran Symes – Chairman of Tüsiad – Allianz Sigorta – Allianz Hayat ve Emeklilik YKB
4- Suzan Sabancı Dinçer – Akbank CEO and Executive Director
5- Canan Özsoy – General Electric Turkey CEO
6- Pınar Abay – ING Bank Turkey Chief Executive of the Company
7- Meral Eredenk Kurdaş – Avivasa Emeklilik ve Hayat CEO
8- Demet İkiler – Group M CEO and WPP Turkey Chief Executive
9- Galya Frayman Molinas – Coca-Cola Turkey, Caucasus and Central Asia Chief Executive
10-Nazlı Ümit Boyner – Boyner Holding Finance and Investment Supervisor – Member of Board

Source: Fortune 500
Date: 7 February 2017

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