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The Italian industrial production index increased by 1.6% in December 2022 compared to the previous month



The index measures the monthly evolution of the volume of industrial production in Italy (excluding construction). From January 2022 the indices are calculated as annual chain-linked indices instead of fixed base indices. The weighting reference is now year 2021 while the reference base is still the year 2015. Indices are produced according to Ateco 2007 classification (Italian edition of Nace Rev. 2).

In December 2022 the seasonally adjusted industrial production index increased by 1.6% compared with the previous month. The change of the average of the last three months with respect to the previous three months was -0.9%.

The calendar adjusted industrial production index increased by 0.1% compared with December 2021 (calendar working days being 20 versus 22 days in December 2021).

The unadjusted industrial production index decreased by 5.8% compared with December 2021.

Source: ISTAT
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