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Producer Price Index of Agricultural Products in Turkey increased by 21.26% annually and 3.03% monthly


Producer Price Index of Agricultural Products, January 2021

Agriculture-PPI (2015=100) on the previous month increased by 3.03%, on December of the previous year increased by 3.03%, on same month of the previous year increased by 21.26% and on the twelve months moving averages basis increased by 15.72% in January 2021.

Compared to the previous month in sectors; products of agriculture, hunting and related services increased by 2.88%, fishing products and other fishing products increased by 4.63% and forestry products and related services decreased by 8.95%. Regarding monthly changes by main groups; perennial crops increased by 1.39%, non-perennial crops increased by 2.54% and live animals and animal products increased by 4.46%.

Agriculture-PPI annual change (%), January 2021

The highest annual increase was 34.39% in citrus fruits subgroup

In January 2021, poultry, live and eggs with 31.83% and rice (in hulk) with 30.99% were the subgroups where high increases realized. On the other hand, other tree and bush fruits and nuts with 0.01% was the only subgroup that indicated annual decrease. Vegetables and melons, roots and tubers with %10.68, dairy cattle, live and raw milk from dairy cattle with 12.96% and oleaginous fruits with 14.17% were the subgroups where low annual increases realized.

Agriculture – PPI annual rate of changes in subgroups (%), January 2021

The highest monthly increase was 8.07% in poultry, live and eggs subgroup

In January 2021, fibre plants with 6.23% and other farmed animals and animal products with 4.44% were the subgroups where high increases realized. On the other hand, oleaginous fruits with 0.21% was the only subgroup where monthly decrease realized. Cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil seeds with 0.56% and rice (in hulk) with 1.58% were the subgroups that indicated lowest monthly increases.

Agriculture – PPI monthly rate of changes in subgroups (%), January 2021

In January 2021 within average prices of 86 items in the index; the average prices of 20 items decreased and the average prices of 6 items remained unchanged while the average prices of 60 items increased.

The next release on this subject will be on March 15, 2021.

Source: TurkStat
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