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Tourism Statistics, Quarter III: July – September, 2022


Tourism income revised and published
In order to improve tourism statistics, studies on the main revision were carried out in cooperation with the Turkish Statistical Institute, the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Council of Higher Education, the Central Bank of the Republic of Türkiye and the Interbank Card Center. new data sources and methodological improvements were integrated into the system and updated until 2012. Detailed methodological explanation is in the attachment of the Press Release.
Tourism income increased by 27.1%
 In the third quarter which is July, August and September of 2022 tourism income increased by 27.1% and reached to 17 billion 952 million 361 thousand dollars. 14.3% of tourism income was obtained from Turkish citizens resident abroad.

Visitors organise their travel individually or with package tour. While individual expenditures constituted 12 billion 562 million 557 thousand dollars of the total tourism income, 5 billion 389 million 804 thousand dollars of tourism income was obtained by package tour expenditures.
Number of departing visitors increased by 54%
 In this quarter, number of departing visitors increased by 54% compared to same quarter of previous year and reached to 21 million 128 persons. 11.3% of the visitors was Turkish citizens resident abroad with 2 million 374 thousand 125 people.

In this quarter, the average expenditure per night of visitors departing from our country was 89 dollars. The average expenditure per night of Turkish citizens resident abroad was 62 dollars.
Tourism income and number of visitors, Quarter III: July-September, 2022

All types of expenditures increased in this quarter compared to the same quarter of the previous year, excluding health and other expenditures. Package tour expenditures (the remaining share in our country) increased by 110.5%, sports, education, culture expenditures increased by 81.7%, and international transportation expenditures increased by 35.7%.
Rate of change of expenditure types over the same period of the previous year (%), Quarter III, 2022

In this quarter, visitors visited Türkiye mostly “travel, entertainment, sportive and cultural activities” with 75.1%

The secondary purpose of visit was “visiting relatives and friends” with 17.8% and the third was “shopping” with 2.6%. Turkish citizens resident abroad visited mostly for “visiting relatives and friends” with 64.5%.
Departing visitors by purpose of visit, Quarter III, 2022

Tourism expenditure increased by 89.3%  
 Tourism expenditure which is the expenditure of the Turkish citizens resident in Turkiye and visited abroad, increased by 89.3% compared to same quarter of previous year and reached to 1 billion 106 million 285 thousand dollars. While 907 million 483 thousand dollars of total expenditures was individual expenditures, 198 million 803 thousand dollars of tourism expenditures was package tour expenditures.
Tourism expenditure and number of Turkish citizens visited abroad, Quarter III: July-September, 2022

Number of Turkish citizens visited abroad increased by 137.3%

In this quarter number of Turkish citizens visited abroad increased by 137.3% compared to same quarter of previous year and reached to 2 million 72 thousand 116 persons. Average expenditure was 534 dollars per capita.  

Average expenditure per capita, Quarter III, 2022

The next release on this subject will be on January 31, 2023.

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