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Total insured value of state supported agricultural insurance in Turkey increased by 30.7% in 2019


State Supported Agricultural Insurance, 2019 in Turkey

Total insured value increased by 30.7% to 55 166 348 492 TL in 2019. When looking at the insured value by insurance lines, the highest increase is in sheep and goats  with 74.3%.

Total number of policies of state supported agricultural insurance increased by 18.9% to 2 087 860.

Total amount of state support premium increased by 19%

Total premium amount increased by 19.3% to 2 447 064 788 TL. Total of state support premium amount also increased by 19% to 1 275 313 836 TL. Insured area (greenhouse included) increased by 5.7% to 26 149 859 decare in 2019. Cattle insurance and sheep and goat insurance also increased by 22.6% and 52.6%  respectively.

Loss paid increased by 15.5%

When total amount of loss paid is examined by insurance lines, it is seen that the first is crop insurance with loss paid value 753 642 871 TL and secondly cattle insurance becomes with loss paid value 292 935 767 TL. When total amount of loss paid is examined by reasons, it is observed that first comes hail with loss paid value 461 551 883 TL among the total loss paid.

The next release on this subject will be on July 2021.

All data included this State Supported Agricultural Insurance Press Release are compiled through TARSİM  Agricultural Insurance Pool official registers and published within the context of Official Statistics Programme  (OSP) by TurkStat. Reference periods of the published data is January 1st, 2018- December 31st, 2018 and January 1st, 2019- December 31st, 2019.

Source: TurkStat
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