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The value of the consumer confidence indicator in Slovenia slightly higher at the monthly and at the annual level


The consumer confidence indicator in Slovenia improved over February by 1 percentage point (p.p.), but remained 11 p.p. below the long-term average.

The monthly increase in the confidence indicator resulted from more optimistic consumer expectations about the country’s economy (by 4 p.p.), households’ finances (by 2 p.p.), and opinions on current households’ finances (by 1 p.p.). Only expectations about major purchases were more pessimistic (by 3 p.p.).

Slight improvement also at the annual level

The value of the consumer confidence indicator was 1 p.p. higher than in March 2022.

Among its components, consumers’ expectations about the country’s economy and about households’ finances increased (by 14 and 8 p.p., respectively). On the other hand, the indicators current households’ finances and expectations for major purchases deteriorated (by 11 and 8 p.p., respectively).

In the last year, the value of the indicator of price trend over the next 12 months has been gradually decreasing and is lower by 39 percentage points compared to the value in previous March. This suggests that the number of consumers expecting a higher rate of inflation is decreasing. The majority of other indicators worsened at the annual level.

Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
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