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Service sector had the highest proportion in the number of enterprises and employment in Turkey


Annual Industry and Service Statistics, 2019 in Turkey

According to temporary results, 43.9% of the active enterprises in 2019 was in service sector and 36.2% was in trade sector. Whereas 38.9% of the total employment was in service sector, 28.1% was in industry sector.

Trade sector had the highest share of turnover

Trade sector took first place with the 43.8% share of overall turnover. While the turnover share of the service sector which had the highest share of enterprises and employment  was 16.2%, the turnover share of the industry sector was 33.3%.

Percentage of number of enterprises, employment and turnover by sectors, (%), 2019

Manufacturing had the highest share of production value across Turkey

In 2019, the production value in manufacturing sector was 2 365 543 881 413 TL, in trade was 611 961 684 905 TL, in construction was 553 198 413 192 TL, in transportation and storage was 452 446 562 688 TL  and  in electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning production and distribution was 350 964 185 644 TL.

Percentage of production value by sections (Billion TL), 2018-2019

250+ size class had the highest share in turnover

In 2019, 35.5% of the turnover share was in 250+ size class, 25% was in 1-9 size class, 19.8% was in 10-49 size class and 19.7% was in 50-249 size class. In employment, the share of 1-9 size class was  37.6%, 250+ was 26.3%, 10-49 was 19.5% and 50-249 was 16.6%.

Percentage of turnover and employment by size class, (%), 2019

56.9% of enterprises in the manufacturing took part in low technology activities

These enterprises involved in low technology activities accounted for 52% of employment and 38.5% of turnover.

Percentage of basic indicators in the manufacturing industry by technology level, (%), 2019

The number of active enterprises was 3 228 421 in 2019

According to the temporary results, the turnover in 2019 was 8 940 593 564 475 TL, the production value was 5 305 520 846 520 TL, the added value with the factor cost was 1 385 881 044 710 TL, while the total purchases of goods and services were realized as 7 848 823 359 037 TL. In employment, it was realized as 15 656 571 persons.

Basic indicators for annual industry and service statistics, 2015-2019


In the press release industry; is grouped into mining and quarrying,  manufacture, electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply , and water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation sectors.

In the press release trade; refers to wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles.

In the press release service; is grouped into transportation and storage,accommodation and food service activities, information and communication, real estate activities, professional, scientific and technical activities, administrative and support service activities, education, human health and social work activities, arts, entertainment and recreation, and other service activities.

Source: TurkStat
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