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People at risk of poverty in the EU: 38% of income for housing


Housing costs may represent a potential overburden, especially for people at-risk-of poverty (those living below the poverty threshold set at 60% of the national median equivalised disposable income).

In 2021, the share of housing costs in disposable income was on average 19% in the EU, while specifically for people at-risk-of poverty that share stood at 38%.

At the national level, for both the general population and people at-risk-of poverty, the highest shares of housing costs in disposable income were recorded in Greece (34% and 60% respectively), Denmark (26%; 57%) and the Netherlands (24%; 48%), while the lowest were in Malta (9%; 18%), Cyprus (11%; 19%), and Lithuania (12%; 24%).


Interactive publication: Housing costs in disposable income - for people with a disposable income below 60% of the median income, in %, 2021

This indicator also includes the shares of disposable income for people living above the poverty threshold (above 60% of the median income in the EU). Click on the image above to visit the interactive publication and then on the dropdown menu featuring ‘total’ and you will see other available options. This indicator is part of the Housing in Europe – 2022 interactive edition, which has been updated recently. Visit this publication and get to know more about housing in Europe, including details on the construction sector, quality of housing and environmental impact.

Source: Eurostat
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