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Operating profits in Australia increased 10.6% in the fourth quarter of 2022


Business Indicators, Australia

Current price estimates for the December quarter 2022 in Australia:
  • Company gross operating profits rose 10.6% seasonally adjusted
  • Wages and salaries rose 2.6% seasonally adjusted

Chain volume estimates for the December quarter 2022:

  • Inventories fell 0.2% seasonally adjusted

Comparison between company gross operating profits and gross operating surplus

Valuation changes have had an impact on the value of inventories held by Australian businesses this quarter. An Inventories Valuation Adjustment (IVA) is applied in the calculation of the Gross Operating Surplus of private non-financial corporations (GOS) estimate in the Australian National Accounts. The IVA for the December quarter 2022 is $2,495m which is $5,378m higher than the September quarter 2022 IVA of -$2,883m.

No adjustment is made to the Company Gross Operating Profits (CGOP) estimate in this publication and, as a result, users should exercise caution when comparing CGOP and GOS. It should be noted that there are other differences between the two series. In particular, changes are made to GOS when annual benchmarks are applied, and slightly different seasonal factors apply to the two series. Given this, while CGOP movements are an appropriate indicator for GOS, the two series will not have equivalent seasonally adjusted movements from quarter to quarter.

Suspension of trend series

The trend series attempts to measure underlying behaviour in business activity. In the short term, this measurement will be significantly affected by changes to regular patterns in spending due to the Coronavirus pandemic. If the trend estimates in this publication were to be calculated without fully accounting for this irregular event, they would likely provide a misleading view of underlying business activity.

It may be some time before the underlying trend in business activity can be accurately estimated. The Business Indicators trend series have therefore been suspended and will be reinstated when more certainty emerges in the underlying trend in business activity.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics
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