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German tourists to Bulgaria are becoming more and more popular


Bulgaria ranks fifth in the German publication “Express”‘s list of this year’s most affordable summer vacation destinations. In the newspaper, it says:

“The Balkan nation was previously only known to a select few connoisseurs, but it is now quickly establishing itself as a popular vacation spot. The Black Sea is a great option for those looking to unwind on the beach on a budget. But Bulgaria has much more to offer than just the coastline, sand, and sun. There is a vast deal of unspoiled wilderness nearby that beckons you to explore. Not to mention that those with a passion for culture won’t be let down. Urban tourism is a perfect fit for Sofia’s capital. Sofia excels in other areas outside history and culture, like as its vibrant nightlife.”

The Eastern Rhodopes’ pristine wilderness offers fantastic chances for mountain tourism, according to Berlin’s “Tagesspiegel” newspaper.

Germans are looking for less expensive vacations.

However, Bulgaria continues to be most popular among Germans as a place to spend their beach vacations. Several tour companies also mentioned this at the significant tourism exhibition that was held in Berlin last month.

Once more, operators focus mostly on Sunny Beach, Golden Sands, and Albena vacations, but more and more frequently they also discuss the fantastic potential for balneotourism in Bulgaria.

However, the public legal media ARD warns that Bulgaria is one of the three summer holiday spots with the largest growth in aircraft ticket prices, up to 28 percent, along with Turkey and Egypt.
Germans are searching for alternative vacation spots for the next summer because the cost of popular tourist destinations like Italy and Spain has skyrocketed.

Source: novinite.com
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