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Consumer sentiment in Denmark reaches a 10-month high


Danish consumer confidence rose from -25.1 in February 2023 to -23.1 in March 2023. The household assessments of their families’ financial circumstances over the next year moved into positive territory (0.4 vs -0.3 in February), despite the fact that their views compared to a year ago remained weak, making this the highest reading since last May. (-31.2 vs -27.0). Meanwhile, consumers’ perceptions of the nation’s economic condition improved from the year prior (-44.5 vs. -49.8), while those for the following 12 months were significantly less depressing. (-0.7 vs -6.4). Additionally, current saving intentions marginally rose (64.4 vs. 64.3) while falling over the following 12 months. (22.0 vs 23.8). At the same time, consumers projected unemployment to decline in a year (18.6 vs 28.4). Meanwhile, assessment over prices compared to a year ago declined (61.0 vs 63.1) while expectations for price development in the coming year were slightly more negative (-8.5 vs -8).

Source: Trading Economics
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