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Be Careful About Salary Deduction!


1- What is the Meaning of Salary in Turkey?
Salary means periodical payment given from an employer to an employee in return for a work.

2- In Which Conditions is Salary Deduction Forbidden?
An Employer cannot deduct the salaries of employees except from some conditions stated in collective agreements or labor contracts!

3- When Should an Employee be informed in Case of Salary Deduction?
An employee should be given prompt notice with its reasons in case of salary deduction.

4- What is the Criteria of Determining the Amount of Deduction in the Salary?
Deduction in the salaries cannot be
– more than 2 days in a month,
– more than two-day salary given for per piece or by the piece.

5- Where and When Should the Amount of Salary Deductions be invested?
The amount of salary deduction should be put into
– the account of Ministry of Labor and Social Security in one of banks specified by the Ministry and having councils in Turkey and authority to accept deposits in order to
– use it for the training and the social services of employees,
– within 1 month after the date of deduction.

6- How Can an Employer Follow-up Salary Deduction?
Every employer is supposed to keep an account of these amounts of salary separately.

7- Who Makes the Decisions About Accumulated Amount of Penalties?
The decision should be made by a council at where Ministry of Labor and Social Security presides and in where worker’s representatives take part.

Source: article 38 of the Labor Law No. 4857

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