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Why Invest In Istanbul?

  • The economy of Istanbul alone is larger than approximately 130 countries.
  • The effect of the global economic crisis is lower in Istanbul thanks to policies about the reconstruction of the economy.
  • The GDP rate of Istanbul is 349 billion dollars which is the %40 percent of the Turkish economy.
  • The GDP per capita in Istanbul is 25 thousand dollars. The GDP per capita has grown 5 times since 2001.
  • There are almost 71 thousand international companies in Istanbul. Also the foreign trade volume is almost 192 billion dolar.

The Capital Of Investment

  • In Istanbul, the cost of living is business friendly. The survey for the cost of living. In the survey, Turkey sorted in the 101 to 200.
  • Thanks to the strong relationship with the international economies, Istanbul become a modern economic city.
  • The rising of high technology industries cause to increase the number of international companies.
  • Istanbul has a very important geographical location, as it’s like a bridge between Asia, Europe, Middle East.
  • In addition to these features, Turkey has a young, educated and enterprising population in Turkey. The big part of the population lives in İstanbul.
  • The investors are supported by the government, so they don’t often face bureaucratic problems. Also, there will be new legal order to improve to investment climate and protect to intellectual property rights.

8 Reasons To Invest In Istanbul

Source: www.invest.istanbul
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