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Retirement ages by country


Tradingeconomics.com published a report showing the retirement ages by country based on actual data.

Turkey is among the countries that has the earliest retirement age, while Greece has the oldest.


Retirement Ages in Europe

Greece 67 67
Italy 66 years 7 months 66 years 7 months
Portugal 66 years 4 months 66 years 4 months
Ireland 66 years 66 years
Netherlands 66 years 66 years
Germany 65 years 7 months 65 years 7 months
Spain 65 years 6 months 65 years 6 months
England 65 years 64 years
Austria 65 years 60 years
Belgium 65 years 65 years
Denmark 65 years 65 years
Poland 65 years 60 years
Switzerland 65 years 65 years
Russia 65 years 60 years
Bulgaria 64 years 1 months 61 years 2 months
Finland 63 years 3 months 63 years 3 months
France 62 years 62 years
Norway 62 years 62 years
Sweden 61 years 61 years
Turkey 60 years 58 years
Ukraine 60 years 57 years
European Union 64 years 73 days






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