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Income from Capital Investment (Interest, Dividends, etc.) in Turkish Taxation System!


Income from capital investment means any income such as interest, dividend, rent and as such derived from capital in cash or capital in kind. (Income from business activities, agricultural activities and independent personal services is not considered as income from capital investment.)

However, such capital income is not considered as income from capital investment, should they are earned (gained) through business, agricultural or independent professional activities.
Regardless of their sources, the following earnings are deemed to be income from capital investment:
– Dividends from stocks of every kind including jouissance shares, founder’s shares and interests and other remunerations paid to the stockholders in the preparatory stage of the corporation and earning from the securities issued by investment funds and investment trusts,
– Earnings from participation shares including the shares of limited companies, cooperatives and joint ventures,
Dividends paid to the chairmen and the members of the board of directors,
– For institutions with limited tax liability and that submit annual or special tax return according to the Corporate Income Tax Law, the portion that remains after deduction of the corporation tax from the corporation earnings calculated before the deduction of the reductions and exemptions,
Interests of every kind from bonds, treasury bonds, and earning from the securities issued by the Housing Development Administration and the Public Participation Administration,
– Interest from debt-claims of every kind particularly interest from banks and other financial institutions,
Deposit rates,
– Profits from selling coupons of stocks and bonds before their maturity,
Income from selling of dividends not accrued yet to the owners of the shares,
– Amount of discount received in return for all bills discounted,
– Dividends paid to those who lend money without interest and dividends paid in return of profit-Ioss participation notes and profit- Ioss participation accounts,
– Income from repurchasing agreement on bonds and securities,
– The income payments made by the retirement funds in the nature of legal entity aid funds, retirement and insurance companies,
– Income from Individual Pension System,
– All types of earnings derived from capital market instruments issued due to Capital Market Law.

In determining net income from capital investment, costs related to and allowed to be deducted from gross income include insurance costs, collection costs, and taxes and other levies, excluding income tax, paid for securities.

The mentioned elements are included in business profit when they are connected to the business activity of the recipient. In such case, this income is treated as business profit and become subject to the rules described earlier.

Source: Revenue Administration

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