Home Statistics In March 2019, 105.046 houses were sold in Turkey

In March 2019, 105.046 houses were sold in Turkey

House Sales Statistics, March 2019
House sales by state of sales, March 2019

In house sales, 44.163 of houses were sold for the first time
First house sales in Turkey became 44 163 by decreasing 12.9% compared to the same month of the previous year. First house sales had 42% share of all house sales in Turkey. The most first house sales was in İstanbul with 8 453 sales. İstanbul was the first province in Turkey ranking that had most first house sales share with 19.1%. The followers of İstanbul were Ankara with 3 553 house  sales and İzmir with 2 884 house sales.

Ownership of 60 883 houses changed by second hand sales

Second hand house sales in Turkey became 60 883 by increasing 1.1% compared to the same month of the previous year. In the second hand sales, İstanbul was the first province again with 10_687 sales and 17.6% share. Share of the second hand sales was 55.8% in İstanbul in total house sales. Ankara was the second province with 7 066 sales and Ankara was followed by Antalya with 3 506 sales.

In March 2019, 3 129 houses were sold to foreigners

In house sales to foreigners became 3 129 by increasing 71.3% compared to the same month of the previous year. İstanbul was the first province with 1 520 sales in March 2019. The followers of İstanbul were Antalya with 626 house sales, Ankara with 173 house sales, Bursa with 121 house sales and Yalova with 110 house sales.

Most house sales were made to Iraq citizens according to country nationalities

Iraq citizens bought 548 houses from Turkey in March. The followers of Iraq were Iran with 334 house sales, Saudi Arabia with 189 house sales, Russia with 156 house sales and Afghanistan with 150 house sales.

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Source: TÜİK
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