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How To Get The Salary You Want


How do you negotiate for the salary you want? According to her Glassdoor article, Isabel Thottam’s advice is that you do the research and financial planning first.

Know Your Worth

“If you want to get a good salary, you need to know your worth in the current job market. Whether you went to school, have years of experience or skills, you deserve to be paid fair, regardless of your age.”

Have A Financial Plan

“When you factor in all of your living costs (rent, utility bills, insurance, car payments, etc.,) hopefully your salary isn’t just enough for you to make ends meet.”

Learn How Much Other Companies Pay

“Interview at other places to see what other companies are paying and If you see that the company you’re considering is underpaying for the position, you can use that to make a case for why you deserve a higher salary. You don’t have to tell employers what you are or were earning at your previous company. Let the employer make the first offer.”

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Source: www.glassdoor.com

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