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Electricity consumption down 1 pct in Turkey


Electricity consumption down 1 pct in Turkey

According to the news of Hürriyet Daily News, Turkey’s electricity consumption declined by 1.08 percent on an annual basis to 23 billion kWh (kilowatt per hour), while the country’s power generation declined 1.89 to 22.97kWh in November, state-run Anadolu Agency reported, citing data from the Energy Ministry.

Within the month, local electricity consumption hit its peak on a daily basis on Nov. 27 with 841 million kWh, while the lowest consumption was on Nov. 3 with 652 million kWh.

In the month, natural gas power plants accounted for 23.63 percent of total electricity production and hydropower plants’ share was 19.55 percent.

Wind power plants generated 5.81 percent of electricity produced in November while the remaining 5.09 percent came from geothermal, solar, fuel oil and biomass.

Turkey imported 309.4 million kWh of electricity in the month, marking a 25.83 percent increase on an annual increase.

The country exported 200.4 million kWh of power in November versus 328.7 million kWh in the same month of 2018.

The country’s installed capacity reached 91,070 kWh as of end-October, data also showed.

Source: Hürriyet Daily News / link: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/electricity-consumption-down-1-pct-149409
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