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All eyes on G-20 Summit


President Trump and President Xi will meet in Buenos  Aires this week for the G-20 Summit.

There is a little hope that the meeting will lead to a calmer environment for share prices, especially in US tech stocks.

The tension has been going on for months now.

Trump tries to help create more US manufacturing jobs. But the tariffs are said to weaken China’s manufacturing sector

China has also done the same with $110bn of American goods.

Trump has threathened to slap even more tariffs and also exports to the US if the disputes cannot be resolved.

Vice President Mike Pence stated that Trump was prepared to more than double the tariffs, and that the US’s strategy would not change until China changed its practices.

All eyes on the G-20 Summit: Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman who is suspected of odering the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi is expected to attend.

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