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Activate Your Techno Park, R&D, Design Center Expenses!


The importance of creditworthiness and R&D finance with regard to Techno park Companies!
I would like to quote from the meeting done between me and CEO of a company being active in Techno Park about our researches.

In the company, R&D expenses had been recorded in income statement for the financial year thus far. As a result of that, either the commercial profit of the company was too little or there was trading loss in financial statements. In the face of such a situation, the company making loss continuously couldn’t find any bank credit for its financial needs which meant its creditworthiness was destroyed.

As we have already said, it is also so crucial to see the creativity and creditworthiness of the source of finance.

If you have R&D Project (whether it is Techno park, R&D or design center or not), you should activate your expenses in order to obtain both tax advantage and financial advantage.

Source: Güneri GÖZÜAÇIK – CPA – Modern CPA – İstanbul

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